How does shipping with CUBIX work?

Shipping with CUBIX is simple and easy! Make a purchase at your favourite online store and when checking out, enter your free CUBIX US shipping address.

Can I shop and ship with CUBIX if I don’t have a computer and/or credit card?

If you do not have a computer and/or credit card, come into our store and make your online purchases using our facilities and/or our CUBIX credit card (5% processing fee applies to credit card use)

How do I get my FREE U.S. Address?

You can register here. Once registered, you will receive your unique and easy to remember CUBIX account ID. If you do not receive your account number within 24 hours, please contact our customer service reps at 32-CUBIX(28249) or email us at to customercare@cubixbah.com

When do I receive my package?

Your package(s) will arrive in Nassau 3-5 business days after delivery to our Miami facility. Once your goods have cleared Bahamas Customs and arrived at our Nassau office, you will be notified by email that your bill has been uploaded to your CUBIX Account. You can pay your CUBIX bill online and utilize our free delivery services or come in store to collect your package.

How does CUBIX calculate my shipping rate?

We have great pricing with shipping rates as low as $6.75/package. As per industry standards, the greater of volume vs. actual weight is used to calculate your freight cost.

Are there any other charges?

Customs duty, fees and taxes are charged by the government. Please click here to view current customs duty percentages.

There is also an insurance fee (1.5% of invoice amount or $1.50, whichever is greater, up to a total invoice value of $500).

Some packages may attract the following fees:

Documentation Fee (Total Shipping Weight of 30 lbs+) $25
Handling Fee (For every 100 lbs) $12 per 100lbs
Televisions $15 per TV
Hazardous Material $30
S.E.D. (Shipments over $2,500) $30
Storage Fees $3 per day
(if not collected within 5 business days)

Can I get an estimate of my bill?

Yes! We love our CUBIX Cost Estimator and encourage customers to use it before they purchase to avoid sticker shock! With Bahamas Customs’ charges and fees, the cost to bring in that nice-looking $10 chain you found on sale on Amazon will be more than what you spent for the item. Knowing the importation cost before you buy will really assist your purchasing decisions.

Why do you need my invoice and tracking number BEFORE you ship my package?

A package cannot be released by Bahamas Customs without an invoice and tracking number. If your package arrives at our US facility without an invoice and tracking number, we will notify you. Email your invoice with tracking number to invoices@cubixbah.com. We recommend you send your invoice when you complete your purchase to avoid delivery delays. Often tracking numbers are not available immediately — just send it as soon as you have it and indicate which invoice it is for.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email or contact us at 32-CUBIX (28249) or customercare@cubixbah.com.

Where can I shop?

Click here for links to your favourite online retailers. Please note that many U.S. retailers do not accept Bahamian credit cards so check their payment methods before you get too deep into your shopping!

When and how do I use the US Address?

When checking out, enter your CUBIX account ID and US Shipping Address in the Shipping Address fields:
Your Name / CUBIX ID
5610 NW 12 Ave
Suite #203
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Your Telephone Number

Sample Address